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Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are without doubt the most popular type of door. Different fixing arrangements allow roller shutters to be installed in many ways. The total weight of the door is carried by the side piers, no special steel or lintel is required. Installation is quick and easy. When in position the small amount of space occupied is well away from any vehicles. When repair is necessary the interlocking curtain sections enable remedial work to be carried out quickly and economically.

These roller shutter doors are built to withstand the toughest conditions giving the user the reliability they need whilst retaining ease of operation. The best materials are used and the highest standards of quality are maintained and through continual development and research we have engineered our rolling shutter without sacrificing specification, so that this door offers value enqualled by any other.

Type of doors

Generally, roller shutter doors have two broad classifications:
'Commercial' - comprising of manual self coiling 'push up push down' and electric single phase tubular motor doors.
'Industrial' - comprising of manual hand chain and electric three phase power operated doors.

Our commercial roller shutter doors are used in many varied locations ranging from offices, shops and schools, to high street retail chain stores. They provide an ideal security solution to shop front entrances, windows, doorways, bar counters, servery hatches, garages and other high risk situations.

Manually operated 'push up/push down' self coiling roller shutter doors

An economic roller shutter door, which is ideal for smaller apertures where the door will be opened/closed a limited number of times each day. The curtain of the door is manually raised, assisted by counterbalancing springs within the roller barrel assembly. Mild steel 'flag-post design assemblies are fixed vertically to the structure surrounding the aperture to support the roller barrel assembly onto which the roller shutter curtain is secured. The maximum recommended size of this type of door is 3500mm wide x 3500mm high.

Industral Shutters

Our industrial roller shutter doors are used by many household named multi-national operations as well as sole traders alike. They provide access and security solutions to loading bays, goods inwards stores, car park entrances and many other 'high usage' locations.

Electrically operated 'industrial' roller shutter doors

Ideally suited for industrial applications that require frequent usage. All door components are identical to that of the manually operated 'hand chain' roller shutter door, except for the door being raised automatically bya 3 phase 415 volt electric motor in lieu of the hand chain wheel drive mechanism. The standard actuation method is via an up, down and stop push button station. A manual overide continuous haul chain is provided for use in the event of a power failure. A single phase 240 volt option is available where site condition, ditate.

'FUJIKAWA' Fire-rated Shutters are suitable for use in commercial or residential opening of up to 10m wide by 7m high in a single panel. It employs the same design concept and components as the Roller Door, except for the curtain material, which consists of 75mm x 19mm or 100mm x 25mm galvanized steel inter-locking slats. The thickness of the slats, which ranges from 1.0mm to 1.2mm determines the fire rating of the roller shutter.

Custom designed scrolled profile roll-formed from 1.0mm to 1.2mm thick galvanized steel with iron end clips to prevent lateral movements. The curtain was fixed to the barrel through the top slat by eight M10 bolts with 30 x 30 x 1.5mm washers under the bolt head. The bolts were evenly spaced along the slat at nominal 300mm centers with the first bolt approximately 165mm from the end of the slat.

During the test, the concave surface of the slats was exposed to the fire.
(Integrity: 240mins & Insulation: 90mins)

'FUJIKAWA-1' Fire-rated Insulation Shutters - Suitable for internal & external use our insulated shutter doors are extremely versatile and have a wide range of applications in factories, warehouses, automotive spray booths and as a security door. Our insulation fire-rated shutters are available to suit from I to 4 hours fire ratings integrity with insulation up to 90 mins. and are manufactured to SS489:2001 and BS476 Part22.Available up to a maximum of l2000mm wide and 8000mm high.

'Shutter Curtain' - The shutter curtain consists of 2 skins of galvanised steel interlocking slats as 114mm pitch x l.2mm thick single-walled designed and 85mm pitch x 16mm thick double-wall designed is filled with non-combustible rockwool insulation.

'Bottom Bar' - The bottom bar is fabricated from galvanised formed steel bar of 85mm x 0.7mm with steel flats fixed slot insert"

'Guide Rails' - The guide channel will be manufactured from galvanised formed steel channel being not less than 1.2mm thick and with a minimum depth off 95mm by 40mm designed. Each rail is ribbing welded to travel along between the two tracks to provide support and securing point for other assembly components.

'Barrel Assembly' - The barrel is fabricated from steel tube. There is a stub axle of 32mm diameter at the driven end and one of 35mm diameter at the follow end. Each stub axle is welded to a 4.5mm or 6mm thick end plate and further to a 6mm thick supporting plate inside the barrel. The axles extend a measured 70mm outside the barrel end plate at the driven end, and 60mm outside the end plate at the follower end. At the driven end a chain sprocket is fixed to the axle.

'Fusible link' (Standard Device) - A standard device provide to close the shutters regardless of the type of operation. The fusible link mechanism is set in motion at 67 C, when the temperature fuse melts. Emergency alarm system linkage is under optional item if required.

'Power Supply & Electrical Motor Operation' - The insulated fire-rated shutter is built with two Electrical Motor design. The power supply for the motor system is 30 Amperes isolator with three phase power 415V 50Hz. The Motor is equipped with upper and lower limit switches, built-in thermal protector and manual hand-chain driven operation in case of power failure and through gear reduction to achieve safety closing speed control, in the event of a fire through the use of a proprietary brake release system. The adjustable upper and lower limit switches ensure that the shutter automatically stops at the desired upper and lower levels. The control switch box is lockable housing a set of push buttons for Up, Down and Stop operations.

'Shutter Casing' - The casing is formed by steel angle section longitudinally between the 2 end plates, 1 angle at each top corner of the end plates and 1 at the bottom outside corner. For the nominal outer dimension form 650mm-800mm wide and 800mm1200mm high depending of the length of the shutter casing. A galvanised steel sheet insulation casing cover is secured to the casing longitudinal angles with 6mm rivet screw approximately evenly spaced at 600mm centres.


21 Steel Roller Shutter are suitable for use in commercial or residential. The curtain shall be of interlocking colorbond steel slats having a thickness of not less than 0.6mm and secured on every alternative slat with a nylon endclip. Roller shutters shall be complete with not less than 3mm wall thickness roller drum, solid shaft, helical torsion springs, aluminium bottom rail, galvanised or aluminium guide track and all operating gear.

Hand operation: For smaller shutters, which are counter-balanced by springs to offer an ease of operation. Chain operation : Is by a heavy duty hand winder with a ratio of 4:1. This system uses the same bracket, spocket and drive chain as our motorised shutter making motorisation at a later date a simple and very cost effective procedure. Motorised : Is by a purpose built shutter drive including emergency manual chain override in case of power failure, available in 240v or standard in 3 phase and can be coupled with logic controls, fire alarms etc.


"21" Perforated Shutters are suitable for use in commercial or residential openings of up to 3.5m wide by 3m high in a single panel. For larger openings, it can be operated by dividing into 2 panels or motor driven. It employs the same design concept and components as the Roller Door, except for the curtain material, which consists of 75mm x 19mm x 0.8mm thick or 100mm x 25mm x 1.0mm thick zincalume or stainless steel inter-locking slats with self-locking system. The entire concave portion of these slats contains 3mm diameter perforations spaced at 2.5mm staggered pitch which gives excellent airflow and light exposure through a total perforated surface area of approximately 50%. This results in a roller shutter door with a "see-through" effect which also offers excellent ventilation and at the same time, prevents the wind-load force acting fully on the door. It is therefore preferred over the conventional method of punching slots through the slats for ventilation. To avoid weakening the interlocking joints, the scroll edges of the slats are not perforated.

"21" Perforated Shutters are recommended to be powder-coated as the coating thickness of 25 microns effectively covers the burrs of the perforated edges, smoothening out any sharp edges. Powder-coating also offers greater flexibility in colour choice. It is an advantage greatly appreciated by most of today's Architects.

The curtain is designed for commercial and residential use. Available in both manual and automatic models, these doors are suitable for openings up to 5m wide x 5m high in a single panel. For wider openings or if desired, a series of smaller width doors can be fitted, linked by removable centre mullions.

Roller Doors are made up of 0.579mm thick Hi-Tensile's Colourbond steel, It is full-roll curtain design for each shutter. Tensile's colourbond steel coating system consisting of Zincalume (45% high tensile steel, 50% alloy and 5% silicone), strength 432 N/mm and finished with oven-bakes silicone modified polyester coating.

"21" Aluminium Shutters are designed for commercial or residential openings of up to 6m wide by 6m high in a single panel. It employs the same design concept and components as the Roller Door, except for the curtain material which consists of 75mm x 1.5mm thick aluminium interlocking slats with self-locking system. It is available in 3 different models. "PLAIN" which consists of plain aluminium slats. "WIND-HOLED" which consists of slats perforated with 100mm x 25mm slats spaced at 200mm apart to achieve a lattice grille appearance. "VISION" which consists of slats perforated as previously described but with 1.5mm thick clear polycarbonate strips secured to the back of the slats to achieve a glazed effect. These three slats type can also be used a a combination in a single shutter to achieve a particularly architectural effect or for practical application. The beveled edges of the slats combine to form lateral V-grooves, which when viewed at the front gives the shutter a clean sculptured appearance.

These shutters are available in natural anodized, powder-coated or fluorocarbon coated to match desired color scheme.

Aluminium Vision Roller Shutters are constructed from extruded aluminium slats incorporating U.V. resistant acrylic panels at 200m centres. The acrylic panels can be omitted if ventilation is required. Also available as a solid Aluminium Shutter where vision is not required or weatherproofing desired.

The curtain is fitted with nylon endlocks to prevent lateral movement and assist operation. The slats can be replaced individually if damaged. An aluminium bottom bar is gitted to the lower edge of the curtain. Guides are especially extruded aluminium channel. The curtain and guides are available as clear anodised or powder coated. Helically wound torsion springs are contained within the barrel to counterbalance the weight of the curtain.

Manual operating method is by spring balance. Electrical operation is by compact single phase motorising, incorporating automatically engaging hand chain for use during power failures. Battery backup systems are offered along with a full range of door controllers.

Flush mounted locking with various keying options available.

These shutters are available in natural anodized, powder-coated or fluorocarbon coated to match desired color scheme.

Grilles Shutters are suitable for use in openings of up to 6m wide by 5m high for motorised operated and up to 3.5m wide by 3.5m high for manually operated. It employs the same design concept and components as the Roller Door, except for the curtain material. It includes the self-locking system. Unlike conventional Roller Grille systems, the horizontal transomes are full length solid aluminium, stainless steel or steel sections which together with the strong, snug fitting vertical links, enables the door to span beyond 3 metres without sagging. The link are also designed with a limit hinging arc to eliminate jamming of the door due to link displacement.

In commercial application, the doors are used in shop-fronts to allow shoppers to view products & display even when the shops are closed. In residential properties, it is used as a remote-controlled front gate cum garage door or as retractable secure grilles to glass windows and doors.

Available in natural, bronze, powder-coated or fluorocarbon finish.

The high strength and toughness and the structure of crystal shutters make it possible for the installation width of rolling gates to reach 12 meters, which can meet the installation requirement of the super-wide shop front.

In this way, the costs for the shop front decoration can be reduced and the design can be made simpler.

Even after shops are closed, the images of the product brands inside the shops can still be clearly demonstrated.

If the crystal rolling gate is installed between the self-service ATM room and the business operation hall in the bank, after it is lifted in the day for business operation, the two spaces are integrated into one. After business hours are over, the self-service ATM room can become an independent room and continues to provide customers with services.

Security guards can also clearly view the inside of the room through the crystal rolling gate. In a lot of situations, crystal rolling gates can function as activity space separators.

The product has high transparency, abundant colors and provides a clear view of all items in the shop. After the shop is closed, the whole shop forms a large-scale show window effect, which increases the visuality of products inside the shop and makes today's passer-by become tomorrow's customers.

Small shops inside the large scale mall have limited space. The crystal rolling gates have replaced the traditional bidirectional opening ground glass doors. The inconvenience caused by the two glass door space is eliminated.

The hidden part of the roller is decorated by the lamp house or the signboard, which is an ideal design proposal. In addition, its cost is lower than that of the ground glass door and it is more practical.

  • Height of single door <= 570mm
  • Can not pinch the pattern when <= 30cm
  • Width of door <= 6000mm
  • Height of the whole door Combination at will

Product Characteristics

  • High seal characteristic: frame seals completely
  • Special frame: design your garage elegant and noble
  • Finger protection: 100% protects your finger, promoting the safety
  • Installing space: more reasonable
    installing space, give you the most comfortable felling
  • Double lock pole configuration: switch freely when the power fail suddenly
  • Double handle-bar design: more humanized, convenient for usage

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